1. INET’s volunteer directors keep in regular contact with Dhana Khaling Rai to discuss all the projects with the local communities in the Phuleli area of Nepal. Whenever possible, INET Directors visit Nepal on their holidays to trek and see the projects. Please note these trips are ALWAYS AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE!

  2. Discussions are kept at local level to ensure projects are actually needed and also to ensure there is local involvement. Environmental and health issues are a prime concern and INET places great importance on project sustainability. Local voluntary effort is encouraged and many villagers show great support and kindness by donating land and labour towards these activities.

  3. Saptarangi Trust is the organisation Dhana and other volunteers started up in Nepal to facilitate these projects. It also acts as an interface with INET in connection with funding and developing these activities. Registered in Kathmandu, Saptarangi Trust is subject to Nepalese government regulations and the accounts are audited annually in the same way that they are for INET in Ireland.

  4. INET has been helping with school building and other educational projects in Phuleli since 1999. Today, there are several schools and community houses that have made a significant difference to the lives of villagers and their children’s futures.

  5. At the official opening of the Bal Vatika primary school on 20th March 2008, Mr Lokanath Paudel, then District Education Officer for the Solu Khumbu, recognised this work and the impact INET has on local education. He thanked the generous people of Ireland for their inspiration and fund raising.

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